Want to start from scratch with a rough idea? No problem, let's talk, find a direction and get started.


Already have a song in the works but you need some direction, help developing it or just the final bells and whistles ? Look no further Musicman Mike Oz is your guy. 

Got your song tight & well rehearsed?  Time to lay it down and record? From A to Z, whatever you need, studioZproductions  & Musicman Mike Oz has the magic touch you're looking for.

studioZproductions offers a warm analog sound. This is thanks to Oz's dedication over the many years in finding the right outboard gear to make your songs not only sound pro, but rich and glossy. studioZ's hybrid nature offers, as well, the most complete Digital package available. Combined with it's analog side, studioZproductions produce solid Commercial Radio Broadcast quality audio recordings. Bringing all the right colors out to make your songs truly shine is what we do best.


From Rock,  classic rock, Heavy Rock, Classical, Folk, Country, Blue Grass, Tech House, EDM, Rap/Hip Hop,  Funk, Meditation/Relaxation, and everything in between, over and under, we do it all here at studioZproductions

studioZproductions is a boutique audio recording facility that selectively choses the projects they work on, based on availability. Contact us now to discuss your exciting project to book your spot at studioZproductions.​

You will be working side by side with Mike Oz an already accomplished performing artist, singer songwriter, producer, sound engineer and sole owner of studioZproductions. Our studio was formerly located in Toronto Ontario.  We are now proudly located in Moncton New Brunswick. 

Mike is also trilingual, speaking fluent English, Italian and French. Thanks to his Acadian wife & his awesome crew of amazingly talented Acadian session musicians  available on the studioZproductions roster, the Musicman Mike Oz is picking up that Acadian dialect  that we cherish so much in the region. Regardless of what language your song is in or what traditional, modern or even home made instruments you are looking to have recorded, studioZproductions has you covered.

Contact us now to discuss your project!

studioZproductions also offers music production lessons, as well as, DJ lessons.


Learn from a pro and get to build your skills in the studio with hands on practice with the Musicman. Whether you're a novice or looking to advance your skills, this is the place for you!

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