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Barbie Lee Jak

Working with Mike Oz was such a pleasure! Mike's energy is off the charts full of love and care for the people he works with and for, delivering product that speaks of that. Mike's knowledge about gear is impressive. He's always up to date on what's new and what's not and applies this to his recordings. He always makes sure he has that sound he's looking for built around the artist  and the gear he selects for the process. Not only is Mike great at the technical side of things, he is one of the most prolific people I know. His imagination as a lyricist and as a performer is also bar none. Mike is a chameleon in and out of the studio whether he's working on dance tracks or his rock projects, he just has a knack to do it all.

Barbie Lee Jak

Singer / Lyricist / Songwriter


Mike Oz is a pleasure to work with. He is determined, dedicated and committed. Working with Mike has been a lot different than working with any other producers I have worked with in the past. He knows how to express exactly what the artist wants to hear. He brings your ideas to life and gives them wings. He doesn't stop at just perfect, his love for the music and his projects goes beyond producing, he takes it very personal and makes it his own. He knows what needs to be heard and he won't sleep until both parties are 100% satisfied. StudioZ is equipped with top of the line gear, no matter what sound you are looking for he's got it and if he doesn't have it, he will get it. I would strongly recommend studioZ to anyone who is seriously thinking about producing a hit. studioZ is my kind of studio, and there is no reason to go anywhere else. Thanks Mike!




Michael Moon - Temple of Sound

"I took my folk rock song, which I had wanted to be integrated with dance pop styles to Mike Oz at studioZ without much expectation. I had already tried working with other producers and no one got my vision. From the moment we began working I got very excited because it was obvious Mike got exactly what I wanted. He heard my vision in the song and was able to translate it perfectly. The amazing thing is he understands so many styles and can work with them seamlessly. From EDM, to heavy rock, and everything in between Mike authentically loves and understands music. He knows a good song and what it takes to make it great and can translate an artist's vision with both authority and compassion. StudioZ has great gear and Mike knows how to use it. If we wanted a sound or effect he didn’t know how to get, he never talked me out of it or pretended, he just went ahead and learned it so when I came for our next session he had already mastered the technique! In the end I got the exact production I had dreamed of for this song. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working at studioZ and highly recommend Mike Oz as a multitalented producer, engineer, musician and songwriter. "


Michael Moon

Temple of Sound

Troy Ples / Sculptures of Sound 

"...Michael Oz is truly a unique artist. Michael has a rich background in the arts and multimedia business; years of activity and perseverance have matured Michael's abilities to create meaningful pieces of art.

Michael has a gift to pull you into what he has learned and experienced thus far. It's refreshing to see a performer who means what he says and a producer that executes from the heart. Having worked with artists and performers over the last 17 years, I can say that Michael posesses all the talent and ability to contend on a major scale."


 Troy Ples

 Producer / Writer / Performer

 Sync Media

Kerry Doole / Music Journalist

 "I have been a full time journalist for the past 28 years writing for publications in North America, Europe, the U.K. and Australasia.

An ongoing thrill of mine is the chance to find a new musical talent and spread the word on that artist's potential. Mike Oz is one such talent. I have been following his creative evolution for the past 10 years, and remain totally impressed by both his passion and his skill. As a songwriter, he is both lyrically and musically imaginative. Having a foot in both the rock and the dance music camps gives Michael a fresh perpective, one I believe holds real commercial potential."


Kerry Doole          

Music Journalist

Dean Jarvis - Music Director 

 "...His songwriting and arrangement ideas are very musical and above and beyond many artists that are signed today. His work in studio is of a past of many years of experimentation and knowledge. Oz's sound design and experimentation leads to the atmospheric enhancement of his songs. I expect to hear great things from Mike Oz in the near future, he is primed and ready to show his full talent in the studio and live to the world."


 Lionel Dean Jarvis

 Music Director

Jarvis Entertainment/Nelly Furtado

Roman Danes - Singer/Songwriter

Finally an engineer / producer in our city that doesn't play it safe. Mike Oz is the wizard of Z.

Roman Danes


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