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Audio Recording studio moncton

Audio Recording

Professionally record your original music with top-of-the-line audio recording equipment and a professional sound engineer.


Track vocals, acoustic instruments/woodwinds, electric guitars/bass and drums. We also have a Heinzman piano and a 1974 Fender Rhodes 88 key Stage Piano (refurbished)


Whether this is a  solo project or a full band, studioZproductions is the place for you with a large/medium/and small recording rooms and an Iso booth. 


Whatever your flavour of sound might be, we are sure to capture the AUTHENTIC sound that truly represents your music at studioZproductions.

studioZ production gear

Mixing & Mastering

StudioZ will mix and/or master your recorded tracks into the master-pieces you know your songs should be.

A Project could be from an in-house studioZ production or your own stems from your personal recording files, or even the stems from another recording studio with a proper release.

Clients do not have to be local to access this service.


Payment and files  can be transferred online. Down payment required once studio has reviewed files and provided client with a quote.

recording studio new brunswick

Music Production Lessons

Our production lessons are tailored to what you want to learn. See our basic learning packages. What you need and how many hours you will require really is dependant on your existing skills and ability to learn these topics and practice them on your own time as well as here at studioZ. Practical application is key to our lessons.

The Building Blocks 

  • Equalization (EQ)

  • Compression/Limiting

  • Panning

  • Gain Staging

  • Bussing


  • Chorus/Flanger

  • Delay

  • Reverb

  • Distortion

  • Saturation


  • Miking Drums​

  • Miking Acoustic Instruments​

  • Miking Electric Guitar

  • Mixer / setup

  • Microphone Choice

  • Setting / Placement 

  • Recording

  • Recording Bass

  • Re-Amping


  • EQ - Additive vs. subtractive

  • Compression

  • Bussing

  • FX


  • EQ - Linear vs. Non Linear

  • Compression

  • Limiting

Advance Workshops 

  • Side-Chaining

  • Multi-band Compression

  • Analog/Digital/Hybrid Mastering

  • Mixing Vocals

  • The Ultimate Master Buss Chain 

  • Making the Best Template for YOU!​

drum recording studio new brunswick

Session Drummers 

Jeremy Hebert

Ferruccio Parrinello

drum recording studio

Local to Moncton, Jeremy has played with the best local acts from Ivan Daigle to the Road Kings and the Nobie Jones Band. From downtempo, folk blues to rock Jeremy has you covered!

Jeremy is sure to wow you with his incredible timing and style of playing.

Based out of Rome, Italy, since his first studies with the American drummer Marvin "Boogaloo" Smith, he has worked with artists such as Alan Sorrenti, Dee Dee Jackson, Pino D'Angiò, Bobby Solo, Wess, Mario Zannini Quirini, Red Jones, Fabio Mariani, Herbie Goins, Fabio Frizzi and others. From pop to jazz Ferruccio will enhance your music!

recording studio

Guiliano Speranza

music recording studio

From funk to heavy rock Guiliano is influenced by the wave of fusion jazz, Billy Cobham, Neil Peart, Jojo Mayer, Yussef Dayes, and Nate Smith. 

A staple in the local scene, you're sure to have great drums when Guiliano is around.

music production studio moncton
recording studio
session drummers for hire

Christian Arseneault

music studio

Christian Arsenault, from Before the Dinosaurs band brings a heavy rock sound to StudioZ. Extremely talented and creative Christian can put the punch in your track.

music studio moncton

Voice Over Recording (ADR)

Get your voice over recording done by a pro at studioZ Production. Mike OZ is an experienced audio engineer, vocal teacher and voice over actor in his own right.


His experience on the other end of the mic translates to an amazing atmosphere for the voice over actor and a professional experience for the TV/film director and production studio.

ADR studio new Brunswick
ADR studio moncton new brunswick
recording studio New Brunswick

Beat Making & DJ Lesson

Want to dive in to electronic music, EDM, House or Techno...StudioZ has you covered. You will learn and work hands on:

studioZproductions is the place for you to learn beat making. From tech house, EDM, pop, hip-hop, new age, from A to Z  we are your beat-making machine.

Learn to be an epic DJ from Mike Oz who has over 25 years of Dj experience from his residency at the Piper Club in Rome all the way to Toronto's Global Groove Radio...He will teach you from A to Z, everything you need to know to get the dance floor groovin' and working as a Dj in Radio. 

mike oz recording studing


Is your song amazing but it still has some kinks to work out? Do you need a producer/engineer to help you polish your project and make it shine?

Welcome to studioZproductions pre-production where you are produced by Mike Oz. Having your producer also be your sound engineer definitely has it's advantages and Mike has been doing both for well over 25 years!


Regardless of the genre, beat, instruments or language you are expressing, studioZproductions is the place for you. Mike Oz, is sure to work his magic by adding warmth, depth and those tweaks your project is looking for.

mix and master my tracks

Vocal Lessons

Get vocal lessons from a coach with over 25 years of professional vocal training and experience. See real progress on your vocals that will enhance your performance and recordings.

Learn take home exercises so you can keep strengthening your voice until your next session.  Pick your favourite song you want to learn perfectly and have ruff demos recorded every session so you can see measurable improvements in your vocals from session to session. 

Learn mic technique for live shows and studio recordings.

Music Theory Lessons

Learn music theory with Mike Oz. Mike has the ability to meet you where you are at with your skills and knowledge and help you build on it. 

Whether you just want to learn basics or you want to achieve expert levels, Mike Oz is your music theory guy.

moncton new brunswick studio

Music Video Production

Get your music video  produced by StudioZ Productions! We will talk with you about your vision and work within your budget to offer you a music video that will look professional and help promote your song! 

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